Taste The Best Hot Chocolate Ever Made ...

The Classic

Hot Belgian Chocolate - Plain & Straight - the real Stuff

The Best Hot Chocolate

We believe in great chocolate taste. That's why we prepare your hot chocolate with lots of love, and genuine chocolate of course. No cocoa powder - only the real thing, from Belgium. What else?

100% Belgian

We prepare our hot chocolate with the traditional chocolate recipe from one of the oldest cocoa roasteries and chocolateries in Belgium, made from a secret blend of the world's finest beans. Here's to Belgium, and to great taste that makes you instantly happy!
A boost of happiness and positive energy! This hot chocolate is packed with natural cocoa flavanols. One cup spices up your day with great taste and tonnes of happiness.

Why Our Hot Chocolates

We dont believe in simply mixing Cocoa powder and Milk creates the right Hot Chocolate! we Use liquid chocolates to create the perfect hot chocolate, this way we ensure that our hot chocolates are without flavour additives, colouring agents or preservatives Liquid ~ Pure

If you are chocolate lover, you are going to get overwhelmed with the taste, that is our promise! We start off by pouring a big spoonful of liquid chocolate into a cup, as a next step.  We steam the milk to the right consistency, and then slowly pour it over the liquid chocolate to create a beautiful Hot Chocolate that renders the tasting experience so unique that you will how Hot Chocolate used to taste. It is almost sensual to drink our Hot Chocolate.

Any Way You Want

  • Step One: Choose Any One Chocolate Base
  • Step Two: Choose Any one Type of Milk
  • Step Three: Choose Any Two Toppings
  • Step Four: Choose Any One Drizzle Sauce

Chocolate Bases: Dark, White, Milk, Caramel

Type of Milk: Fat Free, Regular, Almond

Toppings: Home made Chocoate Infused Whipped Cream, Regular whipped cream, Belgian Dark or White Chocolate Blossoms, Mini-Mix Crispearls

Sauces: Chocolate, Caramel, Butterscotch